The Financial Blueprint for a Successful Hardware-as-a-Service Business

Hardware-as-a-service has become a promising business model across various industries. It offers manufacturers avenues for recurring revenue and business expansion while offering clients a more attractive, flexible way to purchase products.

Yet, HaaS is also a shift in the way you make money and the transition is not without its complexities.

In this webinar, you will gain expert guidance and actionable insights to craft a winning strategy for sustainable, recurring revenue in a HaaS framework. 

You will learn: 

✅ How to leverage cash flow in a HaaS framework

✅ The as-a-service scenario between supplier, channel, customers & lenders

✅ How tracking data helps you ensure financial success

✅ Best practices & considerations 

✅ Types of financing available & how banks can assist your transition

Presented by:
Matt Trotter
Matt Trotter
Managing Director, Venture Banking
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Andrew Gross
VP of Sales
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