A Manufacturer's Guide to Launching Subscription-Based Business Models

From coffee to cars to machinery, everything around us is now available as a subscription. 

Given the opportunities for recurring revenue streams, entering new markets, and having a closer relationship with customers, there is no question why manufacturers, both in B2B and B2C, are heavily investing in subscription, pay-per-use, or as-a-Service business models.

How can you join the trend? 
Hear from experts Florian Andre and Andrew Gross as they guide you through a step-by-step framework with actionable strategies and best practices for entering the subscription economy.

You will learn:

What to take into account when making subscriptions part of your business strategy.

A step-by-step action plan for conceptualizing, building, and launching subscription offers.

Insights from successful real-world examples.

Tools to shorten your time to market and facilitate your as-a-Service adoption. 

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Florian Andre
Founder and CEO
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Andrew Gross
Vice President of Sales
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