Unlocking Growth: A Manufacturer’s Guide to Launching Subscription-Based Business Models

September 14th
1 pm ET ; 10 am PT ; 3 pm CEST

The subscription economy presents exceptional growth opportunities for manufacturers. It allows them to embrace new business models and penetrate price-sensitive markets, enhance channel partner and customer relationships, and make data-driven decisions while gaining a competitive edge in their markets. 

To successfully implement subscription-based offers and generate recurring revenue streams, manufacturers should be able to adapt their infrastructure and operations, clearly define their value proposition, and determine an effective pricing strategy.

In this session, Florian Andre, Founder and CEO of P2S Management Consulting, a consultancy specializing in helping companies develop their own subscription, pay-per-use, and as-a-Service (aaS) business models, and Andrew Gross, VP of Sales at Xyte, will lay out a step-by-step framework for entering the subscription economy.

Join us for actionable strategies, best practices, and a clear roadmap for successfully transitioning your organization from one-time sales to a flexible subscription model with new opportunities for recurring revenue. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about the key considerations and effects to take into account when adopting aaS and subscription-based business models
  • Discover a practical step-by-step action plan for conceptualizing, building, and launching subscription offerings
  • Gain inspiration and insights through exploring successful real-world examples
  • Discover tools that will shorten your time to market and facilitate your aaS adoption
Our speakers
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Florian Andre
Founder and CEO
Andrew Gross
Andrew Gross
Vice President of Sales
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