How Apple and Tesla Drive Revenue Growth by Leveraging Continuous Device Connectivity

Forward-thinking device manufacturers across multiple industries are taking advantage of always-on cellular connectivity to ensure frictionless customer experiences while offering integrated solutions and increasing their margins. With continuous connectivity everywhere, manufacturers of equipment as diverse as smart streetlights to digital signage to autonomous vehicles can offer a continuum of value-added digital services. In the era of digitalization, how can device manufacturers leverage their current fleet of devices to develop high-margin services as a new growth engine? 

You will learn: 

✅ The stories of Apple, Tesla and others: use cases for OEMs to use connectivity to increase their margins

✅ Managing license codes and entitlements 

✅ Connectivity, security and standards

✅ Tools and technologies to accelerate the deployment of integrated solutions

✅ Ensuring your B2B IoT devices are built for remote provisioning 

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