Five Pillars of Servitization:
A Call to Action for OEMS

Moving to a servitization model has become crucial for businesses of all types to maintain relevance, profitability and sustainability, but the move is more than a shift or a pivot; it requires a well-thought out strategy and the right tools to execute. For device and hardware manufacturers, particularly in the lighting, industrial equipment, energy management and HVAC spaces, the challenges of servitization are as diverse as the industries themselves, with dozens of critical decisions to be made along the journey.

Watch our webinar on-demand for a deep-dive into the questions manufacturers should be asking themselves and best practices for a successful transformation, covering:

You will learn: 

✅ Five pillars of your servitization journey

✅ Strategies for mitigating servitization risks 

✅ Real-world examples of differentiated services

✅ Servitization differences across different industries

✅ Evaluating the right servitization platform for your business


Presented by:
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Marc Salvany
Founder & Servitization Expert
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Anant Pathak
Business Development

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